What is 8-Count Productions?

For years, I have dreamed and planned for a company that would be creative but professional, offer needed services, and showcase my skills.  I wanted to create a project that could fulfill my needs of business ownership and fill a need in the Tampa Bay area.

My relationship with art seems somewhat repetitive; I consistently make art, but tend not to take myself seriously as an artist.  I loved art in high school but never thought about pursuing it in college.  I took enough art classes in college to double major but never thought I would make money selling my art.  I had requests for my art but didn’t think I could host shows.  I am now hosting shows and selling my art on a consistent basis.  In addition, I have over 25 years of dance training and over 6 as a choreographer and coach.  With amazing contacts within the creative and entertainment industries, I have had the opportunity to work on sets, for conventions, and teach classes.  By creating art and choreography for clients, 8-Count Creations was born.

While working as an art teacher and then in corporate America, everyone commented on my organization skills whether it was color-coded calendars, art portfolios for 1000 students, concepts to see events through to completion, and binders systems that allowed me to successfully juggle a significant number of projects.  I created organized spaces in my home because I have a lot of stuff and, with only 1000 square feet, it could become messy quickly.  Then people started asking me to do the same at their homes and businesses.  Most recently, my organization and consulting skills have been utilized for video shoots, artist connection events, curating public art projects, and creative business plans.  8-Count Consulting is alive!

There are two additional concepts that are in the works for 8-Count productions that will grow and come to fruition as I obtain more education and a business space.  When those happen, the vision of 8-Count will feel more complete.  Until then, I paint for shows and for purchase, choreograph for projects and events, and consult on creative projects.  Most people would say that creativity and organization do not go hand in hand, but I would argue that they should.

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