How do you train?


What does your dance training consist of?  The answer to this question is partially determined by your dance label and level.  Are you a contract performer?  Are you aspiring to get a contract or get a position on a team?  Are you retired but want to maintain your fitness through dance?  Do you simply dance for fun?

No matter the reason or your type of dance, when was the last time you took a dance class?  As an athlete, even with consistent dance activity as a performer, you still have the need to train and push yourself.  Just as the dancer who rushes or skips stretching is more likely to get injured, the dancer who stops working on their skills is more likely to get stuck or worse, not renew their contracts.  Professional athletes do not get their only workouts on the field or court, they have strict workout regiments, scrimmages, and drills that make them elite instead of average.

So now, what factors help you determine when and where to train?  What has been your favorite class experience and why?  Are the instructors the key factor?  The location?  Environment?  Other students?  Cost?  Music?  Do you train at home?  Do you get more out of practicing alone or with others?

The idea here is to start a conversation and explore your motivators and your goals.  If you aren’t happy with your current results, do something to change them.  If you feel stuck, look towards what motivates you and set short-term (not just long-term) goals to accomplish.  External factors are real, legitimate contributors to our decisions and performance, some of which we can control and some that we cannot.  That which we can control, we can change.  Those we cannot control, we can identify and change our reaction to.  Be honest with yourself, jot down some notes to help you work through your current situation, and comment below!

3 thoughts on “How do you train?

    • I hear this from so many dancers! Mostly when they are describing why they aren’t dancing while out with friends, don’t feel they did their best at a battle, or weren’t really into a particular dance class or performance. So what songs/artists/styles “make (you) want to move”?

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