The Art of Renovation

The Art of Renovation

It is one thing to have a vision or dream, then a plan to make it happen, and to put that plan into motion.  It is quite another to have the support of your community.  In Tampa Bay and more specifically Tampa Heights we have found our home and true community. For eight months I have been renovating the neglected Rialto Theatre and over the past few weeks and have seen returns for the hard work in the faces of neighbors and new friends who come to see the space for the first time.  Through a few networking gatherings and even literally just opening our doors, people find their way to the theater, and give us the encouragement and support to know we are on the right path.  There might be a lot more work to do and obstacles to overcome, but for now, I get to take a glance at how far it has already come and the impact it is already making.

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