Urban Dance Festival: Building up the local dance scene

We all try to build up our own crew, or say our studio is the best, or battle it out on the dance floor but sometimes, there comes along an event where all dancers can come together.  This year, Kanvas, Sirqix, and Prelude South joined forces at the Centro Asturiano in Ybor City to create Urban Dance Festival 2014.  The efforts created synergy, with three events sharing one venue and one cause: promote dance in Tampa and showcase talent.

There were a wide range of styles, battles, crews, studios, and partners killing it on stage with creative formations and levels, great tricks, and amazing amounts of heart and soul.  Some of my personal faves were Chaz & Gina whose partner work was flawless, And Friends with award-winning entertainment, and The Gym Shooters with their smooth style making choreo look effortless.

But my favorite moment of the night happened much later.  It isn’t often when that many dancers are in one place and you find yourself running into people you may only talk to via facebook.  We took the opportunity to invite some dancers, local and visiting, to come to 8-Count Studios for an impromptu session. I was leaning on the doorway into our main studio after a 6 hour show, watching dancers of various ages and styles, do what they love most; just dance.  Taking turns with phones and music players feeding the speakers with various jams, the competition melted away and friendships began or were strengthened.  Unplanned, unexpected, and absolutely perfect moments like these make all the difference.

Studio Session 6.21.14



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