Cool Stuff Happens Here

With days full of schedules, deadlines, and stress, it can be great to take a moment to enjoy some art in a cool space, especially when that art is made from balloons. Now, this is not the clown performance artist’s typical dog or sword but real sculptural art made out of an unexpected medium. Jason Hackenwerth has been creating his large amoebas and sea creatures, even wearable pieces, for a number of years at places like Art Basel in Miami and the Museum of Art and Design in NY. 8-Count Studios and the Rialto Theatre were fortunate enough to be the construction location for his latest piece, commissioned by an ad campaign, that was then deconstructed and transported to the St. Pete Fines Arts Museum and reconstructed for public display.
On a Tuesday, cases of balloons arrived and the space was set up like a protected lab with plastic sheets protecting the “clean zone”. On Wednesday, Jason and his assistants began the organized construction assembly with taped fingers, and all we had to do was sit back and watch the magic happen. From what began as piles of color balloons, took shape into a 25 foot sculpture that moved slowing, suspended about 3 feet off the ground, by Friday afternoon. One day of photo and video shooting before it all disappeared as if it were never here.
So, yeah, cool stuff happens here; like a great choreo session, maybe a unique art exhibit, even the joining of two love birds, and, sometimes, giant floating balloon sculptures.
IMG_3003 IMG_3014 IMG_3026 IMG_3029 IMG_3030

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