8-Count Instructors Part 1: Meet Michele

Michele Smith is originally from Washington DC but has spent a great deal of her formative years in Tampa. She found out she had a passion for dancing at an early age when she would perform for her family in their living room. One of the main things she loved about dancing was that she could communicate through movement and not words; she learned the most by mimicking movements and enjoyed watching and trying to communicate her own thoughts as well.

ms2Michele has been influenced the most by her own fellow dancers. Although she was shy, she found a free space with similar people who also needed to dance to express themselves. The highlight of her instructing career so far has been graduating from 500hr Yoga Teacher Training. “The education and instruction on refining my craft of integrating movement with the spirit. I like to layer in the deeper levels of awareness with any dance or movement I instruct,” Michele said.

She enjoys improv, in a modern style or context. “I think there is something so powerful about creating shapes and movements that communicate an emotion, state of mind or message,” she said. Her musical taste is similar to her dancing style, open to interpretation. She enjoys a wide variety of genres from tribal music with a strong percussion to hip-hop and metal with a lot of energy. A majority of her favorite artists and songs are tied to fond memories or special relationships like all of us.ms3

Other hobbies that she participates in are tennis, preferably doubles, and she loves cooking for friends as well as enjoys gardening in the fall and spring. Professionally, she has not always just been a dance instructor, “I spent over 20 years succeeding in corporate America. I do enjoy business and entrepreneurship, start-up companies, finance and strategy. I need that left brained expression of myself as much as I need dance and movement,” Michele said. When it comes to teaching others, Michele “loves connecting with other creatives and others sincere about living a life full of self-expression, happiness and health. When I teach it sparks my creativity and joy. It feels great to help others feel good in their bodies.”

ms1Michele is offering yoga on Thursdays at The Rialto Theatre at 8:30 pm and also private, in-home instruction through her business, Transformation Yoga.

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