December Featured Artist


Artist Susanne Tierney was born in Rhode Island and currently resides in Florida. She received her BFA from Rhode Island in 1996 and then pursued a Masters of Fine Arts degree in both painting and printmaking, from the University of Connecticut in 1999. Her work has been shown nationally in the collections of the William Benton Museum of Fine Arts, Bank of Rhode Island, City National Bank of Florida, and the Cromwell Corporation; and internationally; most recently in Seoul, South Korea. In 2002, Ms. Tierney was the John Frazer Visiting Artist at Wesleyan University.



Ms. Tierney’s creative process is inspired by “an unearthing of mythologies; it’s manifestations are a surfacing of thoughts concerning my individual and collective history. Images arise from questions that surround the origins of human thought and languages,” she states. She references mirroring human relationships, symbols and ancient lost languages in her prints and paintings. “I cast marks as characters that sometimes seem numinous, obscure, playful or reminiscent of something ancient or archetypal. It is as the legends and poems of my youth step into the whiteness of my consciousness during somnambulistic moments in the studio. I am aware of their primal presence, as they change shape and become peculiar symbols.” Ms. Tierney states.



Sue is currently exhibiting in the Rialto Gallery at 8-Count Studios and will be on display until December 28th. The gallery is free and open to the public during all events and business hours, although times may vary. Please call the office at 813-221-8808 to confirm availability and to inquire about purchase of any items in the exhibit.


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