Adobe Creative Illustration

Every so often someone contacts me with an idea or a project that we can’t wait to get started and the phone call from Syd Weiler was exactly that kind of opportunity.  Syd is an Adobe Creative Resident and her focus is before and after illustrations of historic places.  I could not think of a more perfect fit for the Rialto!

After a few emails and a short phone conversations, Syd and photographer, Jacob Berrier, came to the Rialto to take detailed photos and talk about the restoration process and history of the theater.  I even geeked out and walked around our main studio in a pair of Microsoft Hololens.  Many times, after an interview, I am disappointed by the fragments selected for publishing or lack of accuracy in the final result but Syd nailed it and even added some very personal touches to the final illustration.  I have to admit, I now kind of stalk her illustrations and social media in awe of her creativity and use of technology, and now can’t wait to see the rest of the historic places she transforms.

So here it is, Before & After: The Story of the Rialto Theatre

rialto_behance1 [637407].

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