Featured Artist: Mary Mirabal’s “Life in Abstraction”


Mary Mirabal started out climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder, but by her mid 50’s she realized she was done and wanted to pursue one of her life’s passions: painting.  Having been an avid collector for years, she felt that “a creative hole had been filled” once she started focusing on her paintings.  She describes her style as “abstract expressionist”, and the influence of the abstract is surely evident in her work, which incorporates “layers upon layers of paint”, creating delightful, playful texture, and colors.  Mirabal names Georgia O’Keeffe as a muse, and the influence can be seen vibrantly reflected in the color palette of her work – often showcasing shades reminiscent of the “high desert of Northern New Mexico”.  She attributes other  influences to Mary Abbott, Joan Mitchell and Elaine De Kooning, as well as the incredible galleries seen on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

Mirabal receives endless support for her passion from her husband, as well as necessary assistance hanging and preparing her works for display.  If you were invited to look around her home, you need only follow the hum of music to find Mary nestled in her small studio while she combines winding colors, capturing her human experience.  Confronted with the question of which piece in the show resonates the most with her, she responds “Sunrise Springs”, naming the influence of the Santa Fe hot spring of the same name in it’s creation.  The effect the spring had on her is apparent, as the painting swells with rejuvenating energy.  When asked what brings her joy, Mirabal states that while her family is primary, the incredible connection she feels when visiting Santa Fe is surely an honorable mention.  One cannot forget, however, the great help she receives from her artistic group of friends.  Considering all of the lovely people around her, it is not hard to see how Mary Mirabal has transformed into a painter worth noting – and her vibrant creations are sure to impress for many years to come.



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