Featured Artist: Sue Woodall-Metas – “Reasonably Abstract: A Remix of Form & Color”

sue in her studio.jpgSue Woodall-Metas has been a creator her entire life – the process comes so naturally to her now, that she frequently has entire works planned before her brush meets the paint. Other times, she lets the colors guide her as the panel in front of her fills with activity. Sue says that her “mind is constantly in the clouds and wandering”, and you can see that play out through the  dreamy effect evident in all of her work.

Sue started painting early in life, even mixing her own paints from pigment and linseed oil for a while! Her studies took her all the way through university, where she majored in Graphic Design at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. It went well for her, cementing her passion for abstract, collage-based work centered around appealing graphics. True to form, she loves modern art, though is sure to give respect to the old master painters and the Renaissance era. A recent visit to the Detroit Institute of Art still has her gushing about their modern art wing.

Her work spans a few different genres, occasionally being more pop art-centered, but always with inclination towards abstraction.sue in her studio 2.jpg You can see many examples of her pop-art work in this show, a fine one being “Legoland Deconstruction“. Her work has definitely started growing more abstract lately, and you can see the result of this throughout our gallery space, with pieces such as  “Compartmentalize“, “Just work thru it“, and “Starting here“. Of these, her favorite in the show is actually one of the newer encaustic pieces, entitled “It ain’t pretty in here“. These works are much larger than what she has practiced before, resulting in Sue having to develop a new methodology to make painting work in her small home studio.

Sue Woodall-Metas explains of her more recent work that she uses her art as a method to “resolve emotional conflicts and battle depression”. You can feel the different heights of emotional expression in her more recent works, and imagine as more yellow hues peer out of the paintings, that she is slowly de-cluttering her studio space. Her family has supported her art throughout her life and made quite an impact on her overall process. Sue’s mother readily embraces her wearable art creations and Sue taps her husband for providing key insight on her works and suggestions for titles.

painting close up 2.jpg

Title                                                                                       Size                                      Price

Starting here                                                                     36 x 48                                   1780

Compartmentalize                                                           36 x 48                                   1780

It ain’t pretty in here                                                       36 x 48                                   1780

Work hard and enjoy the journey                                 36 x 48                                   1780

Just work thru it                                                               36 x 48                                   1780

Follow the guide                                                               16 x 16                                    325

Patterns, etchings and pieces                                        16 x 16                                     325

Spiraling out and about                                                  18 x 18                                     325

Keeping balanced                                                             10 x 10                                     325

A simple journey                                                              10 x 10                                     100

Her house is happy                                                          10 x 10                                     100

Looking at the world thru Mondrian glasses               10 x 10                                    100

The inner side or surface                                                 10 x 10                                    100

The zipper holds it all together                                       10 x 10                                    100

Under the sea                                                                     18 x 24                                    450

Legoland Deconstruction                                                 16 x 20               (all 3) 870   (each) 320

Red, orange series 1                                                          10 x 10                                    100 SOLD

Red, orange series 2                                                          10 x 10                             100 SOLD

Red, orange series 3                                                          10 x 10                                    100

Red, orange series 4                                                          10 x 10                                    100

Clown fish                                                                             8 x 8                                   95 SOLD

Under blue water                                                                8 x 8                                         95

Wingless                                                                                8 x 8                                        95

Please feel free to contact the artist, Sue Woodall-Metas for inquiries about purchasing any work. You can visit her website here or reach her by phone at 727-512-8309


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