Diggs Deeper

Diggs Deeper is many things all at once — but above all it is a community. With meetups all over the world, but primarily US-based, individuals meet to express themselves. DD has 13 cities they are currently active in, as well as a growing sub-group Kids Diggs Deeper for ages under 17 in 2 cities in the U.S. These events are a massive resource for a burgeoning dancer, whether you want to show off at a performance, showcase or cypher, or partake in a workshop and learn a new skill: there’s certainly space for you at Diggs Deeper. In just 3 years, DD has held over 80 events and focuses primarily on lifting up those who have been under-privileged in life.

Not only is Diggs Deeper a means to better yourself, but it is a place to meet friends and find inspiration. You can be introduced to dancers from all around the world, learning new techniques and influences you may have never imagined. One thing the people who involve themselves with DD can wholeheartedly agree on: it is a safe space, where everyone is welcome and connections are made.

$10 General Admission
Free 10 & under
$25 for T-Shirt & Entry
$7 wearing T-shirt
(Please add .50 with CC payment)

Every Sunday night from 7-11pm at the Rialto, we welcome the dance community to take part in our Sunday Cypher, where people can learn, grow, and find a supportive community.

diggs deeper.jpg

Photography by James Luedde

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