Suncoast Compost services now at the Rialto!

0508171228This week we started working with Suncoast Compost in hopes that by composting the waste produced during events at the Rialto Theatre and by supporting clean energy, we can bridge the gap between wanting to help the planet and taking action. Suncoast provides the bins and bags to collect all leftover food, floral, and other compostable goods, then picks up the bins weekly just like any other waste service.  Only, instead of going to a landfill, compost materials go to local farms and gardens or even back to the client as usable soil.  As you can probably imagine, large-scale events can produce a lot of waste, very quickly.

suncoast compost


What can be composted?

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, bones, coffee grounds, paper filters, dairy, eggshells, paper napkins, pasta, grains, cooled oils & fats, sweets, baking ingredients, herbs & spices can all be composted.


Event items that can be recycled

Clean and empty plastic bottles, plastic containers, aluminum cans, glass bottles & jars, metal containers, milk & juice cartons.  Dry and flattened paper, cards, menus, cardboard, and paperboard boxes.

Suncoast Compost also offers waste-free event services with ahead-of-time consultation as well as staff on-hand throughout the entire event. Since the Rialto is already a client of Suncoast Compost, you will receive a discounted rate when you book their “Zero Waste Event” services at the Rialto. Suncoast Compost provides consultation to the vendors for ways to reduce throughout the event planning process, haul away all the goods at the end of the night, and even process the compost so it all ends up where it should; at community and school gardens!

The Rialto and Suncoast Compost are also teaming up with the Indie Flea to make the monthly markets waste-free. Considering the sheer volume of people and items consumed or purchased during these open markets, this partnership should prove impactful.

Did you know?

  • Food scraps and yard waste make up roughly 20-30% of all waste produced in the U.S.
  • These same scraps that can be so easily composted are one of the highest producers of ozone-destroying methane gas
  • Maryland has one of the highest rates of waste composting, and it sustains more jobs than their trash incinerators and landfills, even though it deals with less overall tonnage.
  • Compost is much more structurally sound than waste left to sit in a landfill. It is  more porous and workable, and has very little negative impact on erosion rates.
  • This also means that compost would be much more effective to use in a drought situation, because less would be needed due to the soil being able to hold more moisture.
  • Compost also reduces contaminants in the soil as it reduces the leachability and absorption of heavy metals into plant life. This in turn suppresses the spread of plant diseases.

If you get the chance, please look into eco-friendly options for your day-to-day life, and support small businesses working hard to combat the looming threat of climate change.

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Learn more here at Suncoast Compost’s website!

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