Laura Kmetz: Intrinsic Logic

Laura Kmetz recognizes that creativity is an inherently human characteristic, and when we tap into that side of ourselves we acquire a profound way of interpreting the world and applying meaning to everything around us. She describes the power creativity provides her, saying “I’ve always felt so much more natural and empowered by visual and physical expression than by verbal expression.” By making something new, you release your energy and initiate creation.

She credits some of the wonderful professors she had in her early years at the Louisville School of Art, and taps that her “innate facility for drawing” was “enhanced through hours and hours of life drawing from the figure” under the guidance of the realist artist Mary Ann Currier, who has work hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kmetz goes on to explain that she “loves the lyricism of line drawing, especially of the figure“, and finds herself gravitating “to organic forms and movement“. She believes a lot of this connection stems from her background in dancing. Laura credits her painting teacher in showing her the essentials: the movement of paint, how to exploit the various mediums, and the importance of a strong foundation in Art and History concepts. Her sculpture teacher, however, opened her mind to “new ways of thinking about art“, which inspired her transition to “more conceptual work and installations“.


Laura Kmetz has studied at both the University of Cincinnati as a TA in Sculpture, and then transferred to Columbia University. She was deeply affected by the galleries there and the “exposure to so many serious artists.” Since moving to Tampa, Kmetz has found that her work has taken a serious turn. Focusing more on painting, whereas she used to do primarily sculpture and works on paper. Being “surrounded by color and light and beauty” here in Tampa has provided her an “abundance of forms” that she finds she responds very highly to. Laura goes on to describe her small studio that overlooks her backyard, where movement is a constant: watching blue jays, cardinals and woodpeckers flow through the air. Her yoga practice enables her to keep connected to the “logic intrinsic to all of nature“, never searching for inspiration but instead choosing to tap into what’s directly around her.

Laura Kmetz describes her work as “on the edge of abstraction“, focusing on the subtle shifts in her recognition of the world around her and the “almost imperceptible movement”. She frequently works on two pieces at the same time, creating a balance and conceptual dialogue to pair them together. “The repetition and patterns of nature, from seeds to fragmented and dying branches, are all beautiful, offering solace and affirmation of what is good about life.

Price List  

Air Flow                               Acrylic Painting                48” x 36”                              $920

Blazing Hot                         Acrylic Painting                 36” x 48”                              $1020

Closely                                 Acrylic Painting                 36” x 36”                              $680

Cool Rush                           Mixed Media                       24” x 36”                              $995

Crushed Petals                  Mixed Media, framed       20” x 20”                              $1040

Departure                          Mixed Media                       24” x 36”                              $785

Evident Impasse               Mixed Media, framed       20” x 20”                              $1040

Flower                                Acrylic Painting                 36” x 36”                              $840

Generation I                      Acrylic Painting                 36” x 36”                              $820

Generation II                    Acrylic Painting                  36” x 36”                              $820

Gently                                Acrylic Painting                  36” x 36”                              $680

Intrinsic                            Acrylic Painting                  36” x 48”                              $1065

Least Resistance              Acrylic Painting                  36” x 48”                              $1020

Lost Reverie                     Mixed Media                        24” x 36”                              $995

Sea Pod                              Mixed Media                       24” x 36”                              $785

Soft Release                      Mixed Media, framed        20” x 20”                              $1040

Mixed Media                     7” x 7”                  $60 each









Mixed  Media                    11” x 11”             $95 each









                  PAPER   PIECES              21” X 29”            $780 each (framed)

              Morning Path



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