Rialto Weddings: Your Day, Your Way

Here at the Rialto, we believe that every couple’s big day should be their way. My motto runs deep at the theater with many features that are not often offered with venues. Thinking of booking us for your wedding? Check out how we make it easy for your day to be your way.

Chelsea Renay (1)


Many venues have set vendors you are allowed to work with, but we allow ANY vendor that you choose to work your wedding! Want a popsicle stand? Sure! A nitro coffee stand? Absolutely! Succulents instead of florals? Of course! We actually have a vendor for that. In case you want our recommendations, we have our own list of preferred vendors to choose from as well. With any choice of vendor available to you, your wedding ideas have no limits.

Set The Stage

In fact, we encourage your creativity or simplicity in setting your stage. Our theatre has seen it all when it comes to weddings. Whether you want a big production with the whole nine yards or a simpler setup with minimal touches, designers and planners are able to do anything they’d like to fit your vision! Our spaces have great flow for large events and ways for smaller events to have a more intimate setting. All spaces have over 27 foot ceilings so whatever the event, you have an open feeling that offers flexibility for all your ideas.




Located in the Historic North Franklin Street Business District of Tampa Heights, the Rialto Theatre was constructed and opened in 1924. They offered a variety of plays, musical comedies and dance performances to the public. Fast forward to 2013, where we found the space being used as a storage warehouse and started work on the renovation. The theatre today contains the original plaster designs, old brick walls, original brick and tile facade that give hints to the grandeur of the past. A few new touches include lighting with a variety of levels and an art track system that make changing up the scene easy to do.



Although, the Rialto may be known for the blank canvas, it offers different textures to make your first look and wedding reception pictures memorable. Some of the more iconic settings include our famous blue doors, stage doors, and brick walls.



Need a place to hide out before the party begins? We have a parlor outfitted to lounge in before first looks, grab a bite during the party or get your hair touched up. The walls are made from old doors and windows with vintage lounge sets which make for a great photo op before your wedding begins.

Interested in scheduling a tour? Visit our website to book an appointment.

We’ve provided the backdrop, now it’s your chance to make the vision come to life.

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