Behind the Scenes: Pop N Tod Workshops

We all know that Facebook-land isn’t real and that social media paints a rosy picture of reality, but this week has provided levity with some serious realness to owning a business, having a family, and juggling life- straight, no chaser.

Tuesday, our special guest, Todd Breithaupt, was scheduled to arrive, and our plan was set; drop off kid with Lala, George pick up Todd, and I go to the office for appointments.  Then George’s vehicle died at the gas station.  Plans change.  I meet George at the gas station, Lala meets there too and hangs with the kid, George takes Lala’s truck and I drive her back to our house, so G can pick up Todd. I get to the office an hour later than planned but in time for my first meeting. Shift, change, rearrange, and make it work.


We had a successful first workshop Tuesday. Todd and George hung at the theater and then around town while I miss everything because I am on kid duty and have to be back to the theater early for contractors.  Anyone who knows us knows neither George nor I love doing dishes; who does? And we are cramped in a tiny apartment, temporarily, with no dishwasher to lend a hand.  So to come home after a full day of work to an empty sink and clean dishes stacked, by our house guest, I about fell over.  Workshops were Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday with events on Thursday and Friday with unscheduled cyphers and Tampa hangs in between.

Todd came to Tampa to share his knowledge with local dancers but stayed at our home, in our teardrop camper in the driveway. He played with our 2-year-old, danced in our living room and even washed our dirty dishes!  We shared meals and good laughs, our daughter dug around in his suitcase with “what’s that” on repeat, and memories were made.  To get a taste of the local dance scene, we spent Sunday night at Crowbar for ODS and Tuesday morning at First Watch “wiggling” in our seats with Cay over our meal.


Teaching a class is great, but building a community and relationships lasts a lifetime with a deeper impact.  We share our passions when we feel empowered and safe and assured in our skills, but the abilities and knowledge fade long before the human connections do.  As we closed out the week, I feel blessed to have met a beautiful soul, survived the chaos, and watched dancers in the theatre growing in their craft.


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