Line of Best Fit by Elizabeth McTague


Elizabeth McTague’s macrame exhibit, “Line of Best Fit,” will be on exhibit through November and December. Since 2014, Elizabeth has been creating macrame backdrops for weddings, storefronts, and simply custom designs for customers. This isn’t her first time at the Rialto putting her designs on display. Her first solo art exhibit was at the Rialto gallery as well as being a part of Indie Flea on countless occasions.

The way this exhibition will be different from her first show is revealed in the title. A line of best fit is also known as a “trend” line which describes her feelings on macrame and fiber art as a “trend.” The trendiness aspect of the macrame art-form  and its affect both personally and professionally are what truly inspire these pieces, both positively and negatively. If you’re thinking that you may have heard the name “Line of Best Fit” before, it may be due to the band Death Cab for Cutie. “The first line in the song is “these things take my time and energy” —it all seemed to come together and really reflected how I felt as I started working on pieces for this show,” says McTague. Check out her favorite piece from the show below:

EMcTagueTeaching herself how to create ornate knots and designs from books and online tutorials, McTague enjoys finding creative ways to incorporate woven elements and opts to dying fabrics earthy neutral tones, shying away from different bright colors- with the exception of this particular show. As a kid, Elizabeth has always been crafty and enjoyed using her hands to create. That need to create has motivated her throughout different mediums until landing on macrame. “Working with rope and various other fibers has been almost cathartic to me in a way nothing else was.” Discovering what else she can do with a seemingly simple medium is what drove her creative process; “How else can I manipulate this rope to create something beautiful?”

She is inspired by the works of fiber artists, Sheila Hicks and Aurelia Munoz. Georgia O’Keeffe’s landscapes are also a source of inspiration for her art. Creating all her work from her home, the environment she creates in has an affect on the art produced as well. Her studio is the one place in her house where it feels uniquely hers. The “peacefulness and calm” in that space helps her brainstorm new ideas for work.

Mctague1Elizabeth’s family bring her the most joy. Her dream includes owning and renovating an RV to travel the country with her family. When she is not working on her designs, she home-schools her children or can be found reading. She looks forward to an upcoming small position at her church to help with the kid’s ministry.

One of seven, Elizabeth’s parents and siblings have given her the confidence she needed in the beginning. Describing herself as a wallflower, she found it challenging to put herself out there. The community of makers in Tampa have been equal in their support. “I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to consider myself a part of that tribe,” says McTague of the community’s encouragement.

Come by the Rialto this month to explore her “Line of Best Fit” exhibit. Artist reception will take place Friday, November 24th from 6-9pm.

For more information on Elizabeth McTague, follow her on social: 

Instagram- @elizabethmctague


Or visit her website-

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