New moms, repeat after me:



I am enough.  In fact I am a rock-star goddess who grew a person and is now keeping them alive and helping to shape them into the person they will become.

I can breast feed and stop when I want to.  I can choose not to for health, personal, or sanity reasons.

I can wear a cover or not, wherever I need to.  My tits, my baby, my way. Everyone else will get over it.

I can baby-wear or use a stroller, or dammit, just carry my child.  I don’t have to feel guilty for setting her down in her swing/crib/playpen, because sometimes my arms and back are tied.

I can leave her with a sitter or daycare for work, for errands, for dates or just to take a bath.  Or I can take her everywhere I go, including a bar with friends, out to dinner with family, the park, the store, getting nails done, and everything in between.

I can co-sleep, have a bassinet in the room, a crib in her room, or a baby hammock if that’s what I want.  Or any combination of any option based on where she is most content.

I can do it alone or with a partner or with a village.  The truth is just that I can do it. My way and hers.

We will both be fine, she will be well-adjusted, and I will survive.  No matter the lack of sleep or showers or eating, or the number of tears or laughter, or how crazy or helpless it feels at times.

I am a rock-star goddess and my choices are perfectly my own.


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