Portico Cafe Featured Artist: Christy Tremblay

The Portico Cafe presents Christy Tremblay’s Home Again exhibit.

On display from October -December.


Christy grew up in Kirkland, WA, but is technically a Tampa native as she was born here. Graduating from Northern Arizona University with a degree in education, she was a middle distance track and cross country runner. Marrying her husband in 2001, she became an Army spouse and mother to two daughters and a chocolate lab named Finn.

“Art has always been a part of me. I can’t remember not wanting to do art. One of the ways I express my world is through the artwork I make. When you experience my art you see a glimpse of the world through my eyes, and this includes my personal perspective on memory, emotion, place, hope.”   

Art was always a natural thing for her to pursue. As a child, Christy would get into and paint and experiment with new materials. An outlet and livelihood, art keeps her grounded through all her military moves. Self-taught with influences from art classes, artists, and workshops along the way, she has expanded her talents and experimented with many different mediums. She took art classes at Auburn University, while her husband was stationed in Georgia. “I really loved an art instructor I had at Auburn University in 1998. The class was an intuitive mixed media art class. He inspired me to create my own painting style and to experiment with different media.” With each move, she made it a point to expand her knowledge. And with each phase of Christy’s journey, she was lended a style all her own.


Her subjects include nature, cities, travel and landscape. Vibrant or subtle, the textures, layers and movement of the city and the natural environment provide sources for her artwork including colors, line and shape.

“My work begins with an underlayment of color and evolves through many layers of paint, pastel, chalk, and other media. Each piece has its own unique process; it grows and changes as each layer achieves its final stage. I enjoy the mystery of discovering what the piece will become.”

One of her inspirations comes in the form of Monet. “I visited the Chicago Art Museum and loved seeing his collection of original paintings.” The other, in the form of the environment. Currently working on a series called, ‘Coastal,’  Christy is inspired by Tampa and the coastal environment of Florida. You can see her work at Lulu Studio in North Hyde Park in Tampa, February, 2nd 2019 through the end of March 2019.


As for her current exhibition at the Portico Cafe, this show is inspired from a former show of hers, while living in Fort Hood, Texas. “A Painted House A Day” and “Home Again, are inspired by military moves.

“Laguna Hills is one of my favorite pieces in this show. It incorporates maps of places I have lived.  It is a very special piece.”

Outside of creating, she loves to run/walk outside and hike.  As well as spend time exploring beaches and searching for seashells. Coffee shop, boutique and cafe visits are also at the top of the list. Her community of friends she met while in each new place have been her biggest support along with family in Washington. “My husband is also very supportive of my art business, and makes sure that I always have a “space” to paint wherever we live.” She currently creates, in her home- art studio, which overlooks Tampa Bay, on Macdill AFB.  “I create an art studio in each home we have lived in, which at this time, is ten.”

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