The Rialto Gallery Presents Jessica McCormick

The Rialto Gallery welcomes Jessica McCormick as our next featured artist! Stop by the Rialto Theatre from now through the end of February, with the exception of private events, during the gallery hours of 2-6pm to take in her work! Join us for the opening reception taking place January 24th from 6-9pm.



A graduate in art history and the humanities, McCormick is actually a self-taught artist. With her degree, she was given exposure to the styles and cultural influences that inspire her chosen art mediums today. When describing her early interest in art, she notes that she was always a bit anal-retentive, saying that straight lines and right angles bring her immense joy. Color Field work is a medium she appreciates as well, helping her focus on the weight and balance of colors in relation to one another.

Inspired by Piet Mondrian and the artists of De Stijl, McCormick’s creative practice is a way to find personal alignment in a helter-skelter world. She turns to canvas to re-exert control over her life. “I take the chaos of the world around me, channel it, and re articulate it into something intentional, meticulous, and balanced.” Often using acrylic for its bold pigments and quick drying time, she creates crisp, perfect lines that sometimes incorporates a repetitive background pattern, which then gives her the chance to focus only on the meticulous task of painting.


Meanwhile, her mixed media incorporates torn paper. While the act of tearing paper up seems to be in opposition to the strict order of McCormick’s straight lines, she says “that act of ripping paper is a repetitive motion that helps me to find a meditative moment in the first step of creation.” After that, she exerts her sense of control by deliberately applying each piece of paper to a canvas to fulfill her vision.

When crediting teachers for her art mastery, she actually credits her sister-in-law who Jessica says strives to push her in new artistic directions and to explore who she is through creating! She also credits her husband for his unflagging support. Where does her creative process take place? Mostly in her own home where she sometimes takes over the entirety of the downstairs level of her townhouse.


As for her exhibit, it stands an exploration of her continued love affair with straight lines and ongoing experimentation within the constraints of other mediums. Her favorite piece? “My favorite will most likely remain Window for my whole career. It was my first foray into painting and encapsulates a very pivotal point in my life — when I was finally living for myself instead of for those around me.”

When Jessica isn’t creating, she is reading. Remembering reading Nancy Drew when she was younger, she holds a special place in her heart for Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time. She re-reads it every year.

Check out more of Jessica’s work here


Follow her here

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