Creating memories

2019_0218_18361900It has been a very long time since I heard a mom suggesting her daughter wear the mom’s previous wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials, and I am a fan of selling or donating items that you don’t actively use, need, or wear.  However, there are great ways to create memories with a wedding dress, without saving it in hopes that your daughter will one day walk down the aisle in the same look.

Being in the wedding industry for a portion of my business makes it perfectly acceptable to display my dress in my office, or at least let me think that it is for now.  As I pulled it out of storage and prepare to clean and display it, I fell into the Pinterest black hole of ideas.  Of which, I love the idea of having a photo of my daughter in my dress when she is little and then later have a photo of her wedding attire, should she so choose. I realize the dress will not last for ever and wedding fashion changes, but the look in a little girl’s eyes when you pull out a wedding dress and tell her she gets to try it on, that alone, was worth it.  I opened the dress bag and asked her what it was.  Instantly, she knew “it’s a wedding dress!” (she knows that mommy helps people get married at the theater so is infatuated with all things wedding), and I told her it was MY wedding dress from when I married her daddy.  I asked if she wanted to try it on and she shook with excitement, tearing off her current dress saying “I’m ready”.

We went into the empty theater and I dropped the ballgown over her tiny form.  Laced the back, and fluffed the bottom.  She carefully held the bodice up or it would have fallen to her knees, stroked the gems sewn at the waist, and tried to peak at the back and bow.  She stood still, admiring the fluff all around her, while I snapped photos at different angles.  She may never wear a wedding dress again, and may opt for a suit or choose never to marry at all and I will support her in any of her choices, but for the day and this little girl, it was magic.

I never dreamed of my wedding day until it was time to plan it.  I played dress-up and lived in a fantasy world of mostly mermaids and foreign princesses, but never weddings. Maybe it was from growing up with a single mom in a less than traditional setting where we lived on a boat for a period of time and traveled internationally from a young age.  I knew that I would travel the world, but I didn’t think about marriage.  I realize that our daughter, growing up in the theater, sees productions and set design, dancers and showcases, and a lot of fun parties.  Somehow, we will find a way to keep her grounded, but for now, I want that imagination to grow, the fantasies to take shape, and let her dream of the fluffiest of wedding gowns.


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