Artist Profile: Kayla Moon, Exhibiting artist at Portico Cafe gallery

Since childhood, I’ve always been an artist, so creating is the only thing I know and find natural. I’m the daughter of a musician and former community organizer/ activist, so the freedom to express has always been a large factor in my life. I live to create. It helps me to process my emotions as well as find balance. My art has also helped me through my depression and is a part of my daily self-care habits. 

A7DFCC87-8668-4B4A-86BC-A352F1D9D878Art is my life. 

I’m not technically trained, however, my artistry has grown tremendously by trial and error. I’ve learned that I loved to work with acrylics, after testing out oil for a while. I also learned a bit about color theory and how certain color pallets affect moods. I fell in love after discovering my signature style, which includes galaxies and geodes. 

I believing that colors invoke emotions. I love to incorporate color and texture into my work. Inspired by nature (galaxies, geodes, natural stones) , I like to create a unique experience for viewers through my art. From far away, my paintings may look like a mashup of colors but, when one comes closer, they can see the beauty in the details, as the colors intertwine to create patterns and bold pops of metallic gold create a texture one could imagine touching. This intimate experience, between the eye and the art, reflects the notion that, to fully understand anything we must come closer to take in even the smallest of details. 7EED1DDC-8D95-45C0-B7B3-7DE9DB1E8428

I’m a HUGE fan of Basquiat. I have his signature crown tattooed on my wrist. His life story inspired me, not only as an artist of color, but also as someone who was not formally trained. His artistry is in a lane all his own and that inspires me to carve my own way. I’m also inspired by the universe and how beautifully it’s designed. 

Life is my greatest teacher. I’m constantly in a state of learning and growing through my journey of finding and redefining myself. So much of who I am as a soul connects to my journey as an emerging artist. My parents also are my greatest teachers as they’ve allowed me the space to be authentically me. 

02E629EB-E784-4127-9B54-7EC048F23D64Outside of creating, I love to nurture and care for others. I work fulltime at a non-profit that helps the homeless in Tampa Bay. I’m the daughter of a former community organizer and activist so being proactive in some capacity in my community is one thing that brings me joy. I also have two adorable cats that I love being a cat-mum to!  I also have a wonderful partner who loves me in abundance and that helps me to create. I’m inspired by the love we’ve cultivated and it shows in my art. I also feel supported by my other amazingly talented art friends who too, are like me, finding their way through art. I love connecting with other art and art lovers.

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