M’ria Swire- Abstract Expressionist of female form

Rialto Theatre Gallery

Live Performance Painter
Creative Director At Fringe Creatives
Assistant Director: Art of Angels Gallery
Art Liaison At 81 Bay Brewing, Overflow Brewing, Alafia Brewing Company, Bull Market, Valhalla Resale and Sea Maids Creamery

I feel that my creative process is driven by experimentation and the curiosities that evolve from color creation and mixing. Music is a heavy influence in my work, taking my mind and brush on a rollercoaster of emotion and energy. I am an Abstract Expressionist focusing on figure, line weight, energy and movement as a means to express emotion, while using the female body as a vehicle to express this emotion. My work evokes female strength, energy, and hope. Movement is also very important in my work, heavily influenced by the graceful yet disciplined movements of ballet and dance.

I’ve “trained” all over; learning and style development never really ends. I did graduate from the USF Art Department with a concentration in painting in 2013, and learned a lot about myself and my creative process in general, however, learning and growth never ends. Through experimenting and introducing new elements and ideas into my work, growth will persist.

I usually begin with the back ground, then move into blocking out a rough figure sketch, lay in some mid ground attributes all the while reshaping or sculpting the figures in their various poses or movements. I don’t pre draw or sketch , I let the moment be my guide. I use a layering technique, so often times what starts out as one thing on the canvas turns into something completely different by the end of the session.

I create either in my studio or in a concert setting. I draw inspiration from my surroundings, dependent on the type of music, atmosphere, energy vibes and environment. I have traveled in a cross country road trip and resided in Louisiana for a few years

This exhibit has a grounding, high energy frequency, igniting love and hope. All of my pieces are my favorites, like children , they each have unique qualities that make them stand out and pleasing. Each masterpiece culminates at a pivotal point, in which my artistic style exhibits growth in composition, color theory or some other epiphany moment.

I’ve had so many amazing moments over the years it is hard to just pin one or two down. I feel that Christine Cintron, my earliest mentor was one of the most impactful influences by through example, opening a world of creativity, inclusiveness and acceptance through art . Michael Pukac, Karl Kelly, Elizabeth Condon; I’ve had great moments to learn from the most amazing people and blessed to continue through collaboration into the present. My work is most definitely influenced by my family, both chosen and biological. Both are so supportive to my work and I am eternally grateful. I’d say the two most influential people in my Art Family are Mark Williams and Kara Vorhees Reynolds, both amazing artists and amazing beings. A trifecta, if you will, of continuous love, support and unadulterated brass tack truth.

Creating is my passion, in all forms. I especially enjoy live performance painting to live music, which I do on the weekends along side musicians in the Tampa Bay Area. During the week, I homeschool my two kids and enrich their experience with field trips and gymnastics. On Fridays, I make pastels locally in Tampa at Mount Vision Pastels. I truly enjoy making these artist materials and working with raw materials in their purest form to create amazing colors for artists to create with. My home life is tetrised around my kids, my cats and partner. The ebb and flow of achieving balance is an eternal struggle, which inspires life and infuses energy in to those select moments of creation.

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