Plants and Cocktails by Dylan Perry

My motivation to create comes from espresso. The creative process comes from taking colors and subjects and just running with it. Everything is always just a little different, and I enjoy creating as I go.

Originally, I started using spray paint and stencils on skateboard grip tape. After some time passed, I naturally progressed into large canvas and framed pieces. All self-taught work along the way. I create inside at home and outside depending on what materials I am working with. Spray paint can get quite messy. Through my job I travel quite a bit more than the average person and two years in a row I have been on every continent (except Antarctica) at least once, sometimes twice, along with plenty of domestic travel within the states. I enjoy seeing different styles of art in all places I go and receive some natural inspiration from those experiences.

I went to a Gregory Siff art show at Cass in South Tampa a while back and was really intrigued by it. I’d like to have that same type of show and support one day. I try to check out as many shows and installations as I can while traveling.

“Plants and Cocktails” are the focus of the exhibit at the Rialto, with lots of color of course. We need that.
The larger “Mimosa” piece is my favorite from this show. I approached that painting a bit differently than the others.

Outside of creating, I really enjoy cooking. The fact there are endless combinations of flavors, food, and ingredients entices me. Though I don’t do it quite as much as I actually like to, I have skateboarded for the majority of my life. I am currently a Project Manager for The Boardr. I have been doing this for the past 7 years working with groups such as Red Bull, Vans, and X-games on global and domestic skateboarding events.

My greatest support would be my fiancé. She sometimes walks by when I’m working on a painting and sees something in one of my paintings that I would have missed or something I should touch up. It’s very important to have a second set of eyes and a different perspective. I am also grateful for Visit Tampa Bay, Rooster and The Till, Rome + Fig, and Hazel + Dot for displaying my works.



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