An interview with Cristina Denegri, artist

Featured at the Portico Cafe Gallery October-December 2019

I’m a self-taught artist with a strong desire to express and discover my inner self.  At the beginning of my career I, together with my husband Bosko and a group of artists, opened a workshop where we developed different kinds of art disciplines. I started doing ceramic but I soon figured out that my real passion was painting, a discipline where I express myself intensely. We did a lot of art exhibitions and travel together, and it was an incredible experience working with all those artists.


My style is abstract expressionism and my art expresses humanity’s internal search for themselves, the meaning of life, the false paradigms in what we base our lives, the connection that exists between us through the energy we transmit. Also, I apply a theory around human emotions.  I’m a strong believer that there is nothing more important in this world of ours but that of the quality of life that emotions bring to us, therefore my work seeks to represent and manifest my personal beliefs and theories of the human psyche. To accomplish this. I use my own style consisting of open and loosely strong traces, symbolism, human figures, geometrical shapes, dripping, masked faces, fictitious characters, vibrant oil colors and texture to enrich, enforce and project those ideas.  Franz Kline, Willem deKooning, Joan Mitchell, Mark Rothko, Pablo
Picasso, Gherard Richter, Gustav Klimt, Antoni Tapies, and Fernando Zobel are inspirational to me.


This exhibition will be around four series I’m working on at this point “Inner Awakening” “Meditation” “Dual Connection” and “Abstracts” which all show the style and consistency of my art.  I have many favorites pieces that have special meaning to me but I would say “Inner Awakening” is special to me.

Outside of creating, being with my family is something I love, besides that I love designing what I call utility sculptures which are pieces of art that you can use as furniture. I design them for special spaces in a home without following the standard furniture scale of sizes but adapting them for being used in a home, some of the pieces that I’ve designed include benches, coffee tables, cabinets and chairs. I’m also an Interior Designer and Business Administrator.

I come from a big family of 11 brothers and sisters my dad, Cristian, is a well known poet and writer. He is who introduced me initially into the art world as I always lived surrounded by poets, writers and painters because of him. My own family consists of my husband Bosko, who is an exceptional artist, my daughter Cristina, who is Esthetician and an extraordinaire and creative artists on her own way, and her husband Marcelo, my son Bosko who is a very smart, creative person with two beautiful kids, Antonella and Nicolas, and finally my special friends Myriam and Keith Warren.
I’m very lucky to have all these beautiful people in my life.

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