Falling Fig by Alex Crosby

I am a published poet and photographer. From a very young age I had a passion for reading that developed into a love of words and a general curiosity about the world around me.

My interest in photography came about in college when I was studying philosophy at Fordham, a school located in the geographical center of Manhattan. There, I had an opportunity to take a darkroom photography class. Since then I have been unable to get the camera out of my hands. I do not have a set photographic niche, I take a photo of whatever interests me. My photography professor Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock used to be fond of saying something along the lines of, “If it interests you, snap a photo and don’t ask questions in the moment.”

After graduation I started thinking seriously about how I could make a living writing and taking photographs. After months of thought and trial and error I decided to start a web gallery/art publication/clothing line called Falling Fig. The name comes from a passage from one of my favorite books, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, which reads, “The figs are falling from the trees, they are ripe and sweet; and as they fall their red skins burst.”

The first edition came out this past May and features scanned vintage Kodachrome slides, portraits and poetry. I am super proud of this first edition and hope people check it out.

Visit fallingfig.net

Donate to Free Film Project which provides free film and development for individuals without the means to shoot film.

Exhibiting Artist at the Rialto Theatre Gallery through September.

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